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Shubham Sharma
COMS 490
Summer 2019
# Independent Study Report
Over the summer I had the opportunity to develop an app to display analytical information on the data collected by Google from the user. The app called **Personal Insight** is a Windows Presentation Foundation ([WPF]( application built on C# using the .NET library.
**Project Proposal:**
Google is known to keep track of their user's data. Unfortunately, your activities on the internet and sometimes personal information is sold to advertisers on the cost of your privacy. Legally Google is required to disclose all the data they acquire on you, but they make sure package them in a way, that any regular user will not understand.
My proposal is to develop an application which will parse through the files provided from Google and display analytical information of what exactly Google collects on the user. For the users, this application is intended to:
- Provide a deeper insight to user users of how far Google can reach in term of user data
- Give the user a better understanding of the importance of personal privacy
- Direct users on how to better keep their data more private.
**Project Description:**
The application is a WPF application runs on .NET which is compatible with any Windows platform machine. It is developed using Visual Studio, and utilized the Material Design In XAML Toolkit, [link](
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