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......@@ -20,24 +20,24 @@ Open XSDK by typing xsdk & into the terminal. It should let you select a workspa
## Check C/C++ application perspective
This part is important to make sure the project is generated properly. There should be a small icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you hold the cursor over this image it will say c/c++ application perspective.
## Open a New Application Project
Click the dropdown menu in the upper left and select the new application project option.
Make sure you select a hardware platform generated by Vivado to make the bsp file. This file will likely be named design_1_wrapper_hw_platoform_0.
## Add the Source Folder to the Project
Manually adding the files to the workspace introduce some issues with XSDK. To avoid these you can create a /src folder in the repository and link to these files that are outside the workspace. Right click in the project explorer pane within the project files. Select add a New>folder. The window should look like this.
Click the browse button to choose the /src directory. Make sure to select the link to alternate location. Name the new folder /ext.
......@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ After adding the source, you need to remove some of these files from the source
## Modify Project Properties
Right click on the project folder in the project explorer pane to select the properties section. There will be a C/C++ Build section that contains another settings subsection. Click settings. Click the libraries section and add the m library. This is the math library for C. Add all the folders in the /ext folder to the directories section.
## Copy /src files from working project
Copy all the files shown in the image below into the new directory src folder. These files can be directly copied unlike the previous copies which lead to outside directories.
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