Commit c193fcd9 authored by Ryan Wade's avatar Ryan Wade

Add page preview capability to viewpage.php

Page data is passed via HTML GET request
parent 089d157b
......@@ -29,10 +29,18 @@
$page_src = null;
switch ($page_id)
//Preview Page
case -2:
$page_title = $_GET["title"];
$page_desc = $_GET["desc"];
$page_img = $_GET["img"];
$page_src = $_GET["src"];
case -1:
$page_title = "Sitemap";
//regular page
$page_title = $SQL->GET_PAGE($page_id)->GET_ATTRIBUTE(2);
$page_desc = $SQL->GET_PAGE($page_id)->GET_ATTRIBUTE(3);
$page_img = $SQL->GET_PAGE($page_id)->GET_ATTRIBUTE(4);
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